Word Mine

Word Mine is designed for learners at all levels who want to improve their range and control of new vocabulary. The series is comprised of courses to practice general vocabulary, and 21 specialised subject-specific areas to help students master hundreds of new words in context.

Course Info:

  • Level: CEFR A1 – C1
  • Number of Lessons: 800+
  • Hours of Content: 330 Hours – 6500 Words (Vocabulary for General English);25 Hours – 500 Words (Vocabulary for ESP Areas); 150 Hours – 3000 Words (Medical Vocabulary)
  • Fees – 
Word Mine Titles

Vocabulary for: General English, TOEIC , Academic Purposes ,Medical Doctors ,Legal Purposes ,Hospitality ,Automotive Engineers ,Chemical Engineers ,Electrical Engineers ,Extractive Engineers ,Mechanical Engineers ,Pharmaceutical Industry ,Insurance Industry ,Retail Industry ,Finance Industry ,Accounting ,Management ,Telephoning ,Meetings ,Negotiations ,Presenting ,Business

Word Mine Offers:
  • A level check to assess ability and ensure each learner is working at the correct level (Vocabulary for General English only).
  • A unique, adaptive learning system that introduces new words, repeats and recycles items in training, and banks vocabulary that has been mastered.
  • A wide range of exercise types to practice meaning, spelling and pronunciation of new words.
  • A ‘My Words’ section with in-depth information about key words.
  • A comprehensive reference section for more in-depth coverage of vocabulary and tips and strategies for remembering new words.